Starfield Reader - Intelligent Text to Speech software

Starfield Reader converts text from any source into speech.

• Let your PC do the Reading

Relax! Let Starfield Reader read the text to you. Perfect for complex topics, proof-reading or just resting your eyes.

• Quick and Easy to use

Load a text file, press play and you're listening to it! It's just as simple to speak the text to a file.

• Listen and Study Anywhere

Text can be spoken to MP3 or WAV files, which can be listened to on popular portable devices (e.g. iPod, Zune).

• Advanced PDF File Support

Select which chapters/sections of the PDF file to read. The best PDF support on the market.

• Use any Windows voice!

Starfield Reader can be used with any Windows compatible voice (e.g. AT&T, RealSpeak).

• And much more...

Try it out for yourself with our free demo.

Common Uses

  • Convert PDF books into MP3 files - one per chapter - that can be listened to while relaxing, at the gym or even while driving!
  • Listen back to emails that you've written. An excellent way of proof reading to root out those common mistakes.
  • Improve your childs reading skills. Enter a phrase, ask them to read it, and then listen to the results.
  • Automatically convert a private label rights (PLR) book into a sellable Audio Book.
  • Convert any written material into sound files that can be enjoyed by a blind person.

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