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frooglesim - How to use FSUIPC for FSX

FSUIPC in particular how do I use FSUIPC for binding my controls so I'm going to show you how I use it and why I love it now FSUIPC there are two versions there is a free one that comes with the number of add-on aircraft there is a paid version as well get the paid one what FSUIPC does is it provides an interface that programmers can connect to to control the simulator but also an interface you can connect to if you have the paid one that gives you a lot of options for controlling things like your controls so here we are in a little Piper Cub now I'm not in recording mode so you'll notice a lot of Jackie lines ignore that that's not how the sim normally looks you know for me anyway first thing you need to do if you're going to use FSU IPC for control binding is go to options go to settings go to controls now in here you would typically click this button off so you turn off controllers in fsx which doesn't make any sense at all but trust me it's the right thing to do the exception is aircraft like the PMDG aircraft the PMDG aircraft like the 737 the 777 they like to at least have those throttles working in here so if you're using those aircraft and enable controllers but the only axis you're set up on the control access button at the top here is your throttles I'm going to turn these off for this little Piper Cub you'll see why next go to the add-ons menu choose FSUIPC it blanks your sim out and you see this so I need to actually fuzz out certain stuff here so you can't see my email address but this is the registered version of FSU APC it has a number of things that you can use you can make use of to tweak your sim so if I want to hide single line messages for example which pop up across the top of the screen from time to time I just click on that and they're all hidden if I want to hide the multi line stuff that pops up and takes up the top corner of the screen I can click on that and get rid of that don't worry better too much let's go through some of these options miscellaneous all sorts of lovely stuff in here I can say keep my flight sim clock synched great that's kind of useful sometimes you'll have an add-on aircraft where the clocks get a little bit out of sync for no reason especially the older aircraft turn that on that fixes that bug if you have an aircraft that drains its battery in no time flat the b-17 is a good example of that then you can say extend the battery life and you can put it in a number here to say how much to extend it by or put in zero which means the battery never drains if you want to do that you can do that lots of options play with them at your leisure wins this is a good one if you have s turns with active sky and stuff like that you can smooth wind changes you can allow Gus or turn them off you can do all sorts of stuff to the win here to basically fix the weather and the wind handling within fsx the stuff you're most interested in though is this stuff buttons and switches key presses axes joystick scope buttons and switches this is why I love FSUIPC I fly so many different aircraft and I have so many different control configurations like joysticks and yokes and all sorts of stuff it's actually very very hard for me to get prior to FSUIPC get a decent set of bindings with FSUIPC my bindings are automatically set by aircraft the way I do that click on profile for specific here it says what do you want to do what kind of profile do you want to set up here so I'm going to say a new profile and this is for the a2 a Piper Cub great now I can run through all the buttons on my joystick I've got a simple thrust master T 16 thousand plugged in and I can just click on stuff and you'll see you know the indications changes to which buttons I'm pressing and it's all very lovely so let's say I want this particular button here to be flaps down the way I do that is I say select four FS control now you have a ton of stuff exposed to you here more than you normally get with FS X's own control setup so I want flaps increase so let's go down here and find flaps where are you flaps flaps increase there I want this button to be flaps up so that will be flaps decrease so we're going to find that down time you can just type in here on my keyboards kind of out of reach right now flaps decrease so now I can test them that should be flaps increase that's flaps decrease now let's say I want to use the point of view hat for trimming so when I press it forward I want that to be elevated trimmed down so I'm going to move the hat up I'm going to choose FS control I'm going to find elevator trim down or LM trim down I think it is here it is I'm going to say repeat which means as long as I hold the Hat on my joystick forward the trim down command is being sent to the sim which is fabulous let's go and do that again so pulling back on the Hat is going to be elevated trim up I found my keyboard l EV trim there it is up and make that repeat let's say I want a button to cycle through the views so the a key and Shift day to go forwards and backwards through the views I can press the button on the joystick like so and now instead of saying FS control I can simply say select four key pressed the reason I do that is I use easy doc so I have keys which easy doc picks up as opposed to the sim picking up so set press the key on my keyboard there it is let's do the reverse now so this is going to be shift a very very very simple and straightforward now every time I load the piper cub and I have this joystick plugged in these are the button bindings I'm getting set automatically I don't have to go and mess with any options they just work now the same thing happens for axes let's go over here to axes so I got a number of axes here let's go ahead and set the yoke up so that one it's already saying elevator you got three options here send it to FSUIPC send it to FS flight simulator or send us an offset I never used the offset I always use send to FSU IPC calibration or send to a professor's of normal access in fact most of the time I send it to FSUIPC you will see why but first click on profile specific if you have general bindings already set up it asks you to want to assign the general stuff no in this case you want to say to change it so far yes okay Reese can move my joystick forward okay it doesn't know what this is so click it click that drop this down this is my elevator let's do a rescan make sure it says elevator which it does let's do the ailerons rescan move the joystick we're going to choose in here ailerons let's set up my brother oops rescan twist X there's a cheapy twisty joystick FSUIPC set in here rudder now this joystick actually has a throttle as well so let's go and set that up move it there's the slider moving send to FSUIPC select it drop that down this would be throttle done now go to calibration again profile specific so you can set up your calibration of your controls per aircraft this is why you might want to do that so currently it says it is picking up the ailerons and you can see the numbers changing and the elevator directly it's not treating them as an FS x-axis FS you IPC is picking them up and then sending the data to the sim which is what I want because I can say filter so if I have a spiky joystick it will smooth out the input so instead of it suddenly spiking from zero to full it will smooth that out in addition though I can go in here let's look at the ailerons and I can put a slope in here look so I can say now that my joystick is less sensitive earlier on you know in in the middle in its centered range and more sensitive to the outside range so I can completely tweak how the aircraft feels in response to my inputs I did this for the a to a 172 video I used response curves to turn tone that down the sensitivity of the aircraft very cool so Erin's elevator rudder throttle look at throttle here you need to go through it in fact look at all of these you need to go through all of these now and go through the full ranges so move your joysticks through the full range and do these set buttons so set set set so you're letting FS you IPC know the full range of all your controls that was my error on system I elevator so notice that the maximum deflection backwards I have on my elevator is that not that so set set set let's do the same for my rudder twist it to one side set set set fact zero is the center it was off a little bit there and let's do my throttle set and set wonderful stuff if you have back to front axes ease that you can reverse them right here there are a lot of pages here by the way if you have multiple controls like multiple inputs for throttle one throttle to throttle three prop pitch one two three and so on you can consume them all through these separate pages now I don't have a prop pitch control currently so I'm going to say reset same for mixture same for brakes they're all turned off on the throttles here typically you would on a more complex aircraft like a jet you would say set you'd move the range notice up here you've got a no reverse zone if you turn that on you lose the middle button so it treats the throttle as zero to full if you turn that off it treats the throttle as reverse to zero to full that's what these three buttons are here so again you're just going to go through moving the range of your control set full reverse set zero thrust set full trust it is as simple as that nothing to it and so on and so on and so on that's really all there is to it and now anytime I load up this Piper Cub with this joystick let's reset that it knows how I have all my controls set up if Sui PC let's go into the cockpit and just make sure grab something here that lets me change my view so I set up my ailerons yet they're all working I actually put a slope on them look that's quite a lot of deflection on the joystick but not a lot of deflection on the on the actual in sim control until I move a bit more than it speeds up there's my elevator that's all good there's my rudder pedal twisting to joy segment here's the throttle that's all there is to it thank you for watching

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