Sensible Software 1986 - 1999 (Book)

by John10. October 2013 13:41

Well the Sensible Software funded kickstarter book has finally arrived, and at 340 pages it's much bigger than I expected.


Full Cover



Table of Contents



Glossy pages of sprites



Handwritten notes!

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More Screenshot Action! This time it's a ZX Spectrum Quiz

by John18. January 2013 11:06

Wow! The Amiga Screenshot Quiz has been a huge success and had over 10,000 players! On it's journey around the web it's been tweeted about by the lead designer of Halo 4, demoscene legends and Valve coders, and a Bullfrog God.

So how do you follow up that? Er, I guess you create another quiz but this time for the wildly popular Sinclair ZX Spectrum.



Play the ZX Spectrum Screenshot Challenge

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Remember the Amiga? Try this game screenshot quiz

by John29. December 2012 14:42

If you can remember the Commodore Amiga then you'll love this screenshot quiz, which features images of 100 Amiga games. Designed to work on both desktop and mobile, so there's no reason not to play!



We developed this to test the Typescript functionality in Visual Studio 2012. Thanks to MobyGames for the screenshots.

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Faster PhoneGap development with Chrome and Ripple

by John26. November 2012 16:30

PhoneGap is fantastic for developing apps for iOS and Android, especially with a largely shared codebase. However, it's a fairly slow development cycle using XCode & iOS emulator or Eclipse & Android emulator to build and test your javascript apps.

Don't worry though, as the Ripple emulator (plugin) allows use of the PhoneGap API in Chrome. You get all of the goodness of local Chrome javascript debugging (breakpoints, watches, etc), full access to the PhoneGap API (load/save files) and the ability to perform cross domain ajax requests. 

Using Ripple I was able to build an entire PhoneGap app with Chrome on Windows, then test with XCode (for iOS) and Eclipse (for Android). A much nicer development experience!

My only (small) complaint is that cross domain requests are occasionally slow as they're proxied through Perhaps if they were pushed through a beefier server ( then this may be less of an issue?

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Double laptop memory in less than 15 minutes!

by John26. November 2012 09:37

I have to congratulate Crucial for their incredibly fast and slick memory service. It took 2 minutes to identify which type of memory I needed for my ASUS X53E laptop thanks to their system scanner, and another 2 minutes to buy it. I ordered at 2pm and had the memory delivered and installed within 24 hours!

Special thanks Tech Connection Hawaii for their ASUS memory installation video.

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Writing files with PhoneGap 1.8 on iOS 6

by John5. November 2012 16:25

iOS 6 breaks file reading in PhoneGap 1.8 (and possibly earlier).

A simple work around is to redefine the FileReader as the PhoneGap/Cordova version. This is required because iOS 6 introduced support for FileReader which conflicts with PhoneGap 1.8.1


This code successfully loads files:

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What is Klax - Score Attack?

by John25. October 2012 16:49

The original Klax video game has been a favourite of mine since it's release in the early 90s. I first played it in the arcades and eagerly awaited it's release for my Commodore Amiga. Like Tetris it doesn't really push the hardware so it's been ported to lots of systems including the Atari Lynx of which it was a key title.


So when I first started playing with the ImpactJS game development library I decided to attempt to recreate Klax. To speed up development I haven't recreated each level instead the game features a single level which becomes progressively harder as tiles start appearing at a faster rate. Hence the title "Score Attack"!

Try Klax - Score Attack and let me know your top score... yes, I know I need to add a high score system!

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