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A comparison between fsx and x-plane 10 I've used the word comparison because there are two distinctly different products all they're both flight simulators and there are quite a few differences so i'm going to run through a few and let you guys know what my opinion is I'm gonna have a quick look at each simulator in terms of the aircraft modeling the scene remodeling and then finally the aircraft handling and keep a level playing field i'm using active sky next to get real world whether as best you can for fsx i'm going to use real-world weather for x-plane 10 and both going to use the default cessna 172 and there's no items at all to the scenery packages at all or anything like that so basically what you see is what you get out of the box the only exception to that is i'm using active scar next to help generate the weather for fsx talking of which let's move quickly on to looking at the planes session - 17 - it's quite nice Liam modeled considering it out of the box if you look at the fuselage you can see how the light changes you move around you can see the light on the back on the tail thing flashing away you can see floorings not raised textures but drawings of the ridges on the idirans and you can see there the rivets drawn on etc and then you can see the red fuel filler caps which are you know proud and give some sort of relief and shape to the aircraft your little footsteps on the sign in some fairly decent detail in terms of the braking systems on the and the toppling systems on the nose leg etc the actual base textures on the aircraft don't particularly great although obviously that may vary system to system yet the the canopy the windshield looks very good with it said reflective textures on it so it seems up to get such good reflexive reflective textures there yet such mediocre sort of skin on the I craft but there we go never mind so let's move inside see what we get as we're inside now cockpits nice readable 3d cockpit is the textures are ok

One of the things you can see with these things is when you zoom in you can see that the textures get very grainy for me so that I need to be expected with this level of simulator you've got your radio boxes as you'd expect on the right they are representative of the the real thing although some of the buttons like the the commons buttons at the top here there you have no relief but then you know this is a very basic level of sim aircraft was perfectly adequate for it does the insurance were all clear and legible and quite easy to use so before we take off we're going to quickly have a look at the scenery outside a couple of distinct bits are no active for active skies neck active sky next is helping with the clouds but it's kind of wispy cirrus ease stratocumulus time clouds up here , cutting across the mountain to talk to go slight haze the mountain which is a nice effect and the scenery overall looks generally quite good in the distance as you get closer when you look at the mountainsides it's kind of a bizarre stretch textures almost as if the textures for flat and then it's squeezed and lifted into these vertical mountains so over on the sides and look particularly great but it's certainly usable buildings scattered around very crisp very clear they stand out you know the not armed they don't look like they've got real world textures to them there to clean and likewise the textures on the ground that the runway markings very clean very crisp now obviously there are add-ons that you can stick on to change it but in terms of out-of-the-box this is where we wrapped one of my personal pet hates with fsx are things like the approach lighting and the the puppies the present precision approach path indicator these lights they seem very bright you can see them from all angles and in addition they seemed to hover above the ground but with no real reason as to why like some sort of strange alien invasion there we go the other thing with these when you're actually flying you can see them from such ridiculously wide angles that you know they're not that realistic but hey never mind so the aircraft quite reasonable the scenery's ok certainly looks better in the distance that is it close to going to look at seeing the airborne now so I've got my rudder pedals linked up main reason being is for a fair playing field because x-plane needs to have some sort of rudder control it hasn't the same motor coordination facility that fsx has although not using the auto coordination so let's just try and maintain sent line and as I say it's Galactic's going next install such real world whether I've got no idea what the windows other than it's somewhere in front of us so I've just looking at what's happening it's it's from the left so what we go trying to keep the ball in the middle so we're flying it flies fairly nicely it's quite sad a two-engine like a fighter aircraft but couple of things going to point out now you can see the textures on the mountain on the right they look like they just stretch down the face of the mountain they don't really have that sort of genuine feel to them which is first thing the second thing is I don't like the water that you get out of box is a very sharp crystal clear blue it looks out of kilter with the rest of the environment and I just think it it ruins were otherwise could have been quite a good thing because when you look in the distance I mean that looks absolutely cracking and then you look down here at where the water was there we go and it just looks so out of place and sits bizarre

I don't quite understand the coloring behind that now one of the things with the fsx is the auto gen scenery which is trees and the buildings and just happened to to be in the place there's a draw distance for those and I've got the draw distance that quite - draw distance is set at about 70 60 70 miles an hour what you see is you see these clumps of trees or buildings pop up as you get closer to them so while i'm talking if you just keep an eye on the am on this sort of foreground just by the the coaming of the from panel you probably see what I mean there we go there's a bunch they're just appeared as if from nowhere so yeah the scene is ok it's it's quite reasonable it's quite useful out of box I think the text is far away look quite good the cloud textures orbit using actives going next look okay and they're about the same as fsx default is just don't use active sky next to give a better weather representation is out of the box i personally don't think fsx is that great and you'll see why when we come back to look at x-plane now when you look down at the room wait very crisp very clear very unrealistic as a result anybody for white lights on the Left which are indiscernible you can't actually tell that there's four lights they're just looks like one big light bar so in terms of handling will move on to that now the aircraft handles ok you know from real life experience I can tell you it's not too dissimilar it's not the most vibrant flying experience flying the real thing of course you get a lot more in terms of field of turbulence etc but obviously this is a simulator so we are limited to what we can get so you have a look at a couple of stools really and see how the aircraft behaves with that and a couple of steep terms so steep turn wise we're going to go to a steep turn around to the left which is anything between 45 and 60 degrees we're going to roll into it and as we roll into it going to start to bring some back stick that pressure on the stick and I'm trying to it without climbing and it's not happy with it up yeah and not particularly great and probably down to pilot rather than the other than the aircraft itself and we're all going to do now is have a quick look at a couple of stores are going to do a clean install to start with let me just get some altitude is a clean install to start with then I'll do one which is going to be dirty with flaps and a bit of power on super can provoke something other than just the the usual sort of stall behavior generally with the light aircraft general aviation aircraft in terms of stalling here we go is a stall warning coming on as long as the the road is kept straight generally go into kind of a nodding mushing sensation which is very similar to what we've got here so there's nothing I wouldn't have expected in reality this sort of high rate of descent nodding rushing feelings or movie cause which is to reduce the back pressure and will start to climb away again so yeah that's it similar to reality but it's not term it's not sort of closest thing you're going to get i think i have certain that on you might be able to make it about it but basically what's happening there is that we're getting the mush but getting no airframe buffeting there wasn't a market change in terms of the handling of the controls they didn't go ridiculously floppy for example which is what they would do in your life and then on top of that when we're looking at it there's no obvious airframe buffeting or anything like that so it was it was kind of okay I think it's best we are describing it I know that fsx is coming for some criticism in terms of its flight modeling particularly things like taxing and the family is taxiing it's it's very hard to get a taxi speed right because the the effective breaking isn't particularly great on the ground so certain add on aircraft for example you tend to be other very high throttle setting and you're racing off down the runway we tend to be a very low throttle setting and you're not moving and you can't kind of get the balance between the two to get that nice pace of taxi so that's the kind of thing that that does occasionally cause problems with the dynamics and the modeling of fsx but generally speaking is quite nice in it does exactly what you expected to do out the box I think if you expect to come out the box looking at some of the screenshots you get in some of the magazine's then them obviously going to be a bit disappointed but then they spend hundreds of pounds on there and it depends more on that equipment than the average home similar and they also spent hundred pounds more on add ons than average home similar so you know these things are all to be expected let's just get around this corner know what we're gonna do in around the corners are going to try a dirty store murder tea stall with the flaps down and power on should in reality provoke quite a nasty wing drop and we should be able to recover from it quite quite readily so let's put a couple of stages flaps down full power and that sir basically accelerated to the store and see what we get there we go full power keep the ball in the middle trying not to the ailerons too much all further into the middle it's following about now is quite well we now which is quite realistic and take a look at that power off yeah you have to excuse me if I have a bit of a frog in my throat serve God with the cold still at the moment ok so it will come down to a stalling speed plaintiff rudder to keep the ball in the middle that my obviously provoke an incipient spin that stall warning that is in the middle Biggs sink going to come on hopefully any second now and nice going down this by the full of stick high rate of descent not really any discernible wing drop and recovering and so there we go not the greatest flight dynamics unfortunately however that's one of the criticisms the fsx is occasionally coming with is it's sometimes difficult for the flight dynamics to be truly replicated and sometimes difficult for the scenery to be as realistic as as one would hope but never mind we'll move on to x-plane 10 in a moment then so now we're room were in to x-plane and there's a couple of things really to start off with before we go into the aircraft the scenery the first thing is just how long it takes x-plane to load you could be SAT there for fifty percent longer than fsx and that's just to get to the option screen and then from the options screen it reloads everything again so does take a long time the second thing is the environment and I'm not about the scenery and what about the environment because x-plane 10 has a predictive environments basically uses what's called a plausible world or plausible environment and it doesn't always work

the principle is that it knows the general location of cities towns and locations and it knows the general location of roads rivers etc so use all that data and it predicts what it thinks should be there scenery wise and it doesn't always get it right so for example where innsbrook but we've got a boeing 747 sat at the end of the runway and we've got what looks like Eastern Bloc or Chicago tower blocks or a pile of blocks so which I think for was predominantly as far as I'm aware a ski resort in fact that the kc-10 they're taxing as well so we're kc-135 I think it's KC 10 there we go so you have x-planeed 10 starts well sometimes it slowly and then sometimes is some really bizarre things so let's talk about the accra the aircraft is exactly the same as a default sesamill 172 and as we look at it it's pretty much spot on now there's not a lot to say really it's very similar to the fsx it's got some very nice details on the outside you can see rivet lines you can see the raised areas like a handle for stepping up to the wing the wing step there and it's got nice spots and it's got some lovely reflections on the grass glasses just so sexy it's got raised your flaps although it does have a really nice sort of streak which is where the spilled fuel gets blown back by the the airflow the slipstream one of the things i would say is that for some it's not important but for me it makes a fantastic difference you can see the lights both the strobe lights on the wing tips the navigation lights and the the light the beacon on the tail in the real aircraft beacon behaves just like that is not a strobe light it has a rotating lens and mirror inside so it does behave exactly like that so the lighting wise they have really nailed it flight control wise it's very smooth to fsx but generally for me I by like this aircraft a little better than the than the default 117 fsx from the outside let's move inside and this is where it gets a little bit bizarre because its color scheme is a lot more garish than real life real life is nothing like this fsx is managed to now like much better so yeah with the colors just for me or a little bit garish now appreciate on their own very sad loans they can always we change that can make colors more realistic the I mean the 3d cockpits it's okay with some nice touches like <time> six </time> right clicking issues the mouse to move around i don't have to set up anything special for that and if you've ever heard of easy doc on me on the fsx easy doc is a camera system is an add-on so it doesn't come with the default simulator basically allows you to set up easily some camera view points and I've set a couple of here so I've got this one which is straight ahead of an instrument view where it zooms in and I've got the radio static that there and then I've got to wing views now if I wanted to set up another view an alternate view select see i wanted to i don't know let's let's set of you were looking above there we go i do that i press ctrl + 7 and they would have you set so back to 87 back to eight radio stack looking ahead instruments looking above so incredibly easy incredibly intuitive which is useful because one of the problems I have with what I had i should say with the x-plane 10 is just setting the whole thing up through the user interface is not massively intuitive if I go up to settings joystick and equipment click for advanced buttons look at all these options visit crazy number of options you know so each of these has a different massive number of options and you can allocate a key to every single one of these and it's just a nightmare just an absolute nightmare I mean when would you want us to set an individual key for inlet heat one on just crazy but it's nice that it lets you do it and that show some of the flexibility that developers have had now that's inside there's not really much to add to that the outside of the aircraft so the next thing to look at is the scenery now because of the sound balance I've had to record this sometime after I did the fsx what the weather's not too dissimilar i personally prefer the weather engine out of the box in x-plane it downloads the the the weather the real world weather when you select that option automatically and for me if you exclude the rather ridiculous tower blocks and some of the artificial intelligence aircraft the rest of it looks really quite good implausible so we've got health sighs with trees populating then if you look in the distance without this nice myst effect where you can't see part of the mountain above is we got some relatively good clouds which are very realistic-looking and then as you look at the mountain you've got this sort of hazy missed here as well so for me the weather looks looks very realistic and very good from an out-of-the-box you .

I'm sure there are add-ons where you can change things that make you look better but I quite like look at this so that's the scenery quite happy without as I say the mountains up here look awesome to me they look very realistic and you haven't got that kind of stretched effect you know with fsx it did look like you've got a flat texture and then they stretched it down to make the slope and it made the textures look at it faults but there we go that's just my opinion however we will now get into the air and see what we've got now first thing is that unlike fsx x-plane 10 need some form of rotor control I can't find an equivalent to auto coordination so we're having some pedals you need of joy stick with a twist grip because otherwise you're just going to struggle I'd I tried it without rudder pedals and i ended up having to buy other pedals for it to my joystick didn't have a twist bit so the basic program is slightly more expensive than fsx out of the box then also you may need more in way of equipment for it however that's not to distract from the fact that to get this sort of weather weather affect quite often in fsx you have to them start shelling out for add-ons so the cost is an issue potentially depends what you want to do with the same if you want something that's got visual bling then it might be cheaper to go for fsx but if you want something that's more realistic in terms of out of the box then you might want to go for x-plane without further ado let's get let's get off the ground now because it's got term I've got real world whether on here so i have no idea for the wind is because I didn't have a checking in but the first thing to notice you can run down the runway in it you can see that it undulates wall fsx airfield and I've ever come across have a flat wrong way that this thing relation can see the installation is going the distance and it's quite something actually it makes landings a little bit more important to get the blue wind a spell I had looked at it last night it was 10 knots gusting 26 um and it was crazy trying to control it absolutely crazy Mountain winds cessna 172 not too day out for anyone really we've got a fairly low cloud base will make struggle to get am and he spins or stalls that but there we go well as we have a ground all we can see is this the scenery now another one of the options are just press the American see that I can be combing over come out change my view . it just changes the position of so with that in mind I dentists consistent some climbing nicely I'm not getting up like to do some stores and I head out towards them for that before we do that pointed it at seven make sure you've got to sleep . the bottom of your instruments the reason for that is the flight dynamics all that x-planes and significantly different best text fsx is a nice user friendly now that's not to say that x-plane 10 isn't explained tag is renowned a little bit more realistic I and for me I i think it is i have learned a lot of my light aircraft i saw cyclonic weather and the challenge of x-planes very similar to flying the real system that was going to try and take off now just crazy no he's backtracking them crazy talking of which the runway only textures I think they look very good the the edges of more faded they're not quite as stupidly clear as they are in there in fsx in fsx they just look at all there's no way around they look false because of texas on the side now where are things you can see if you look in each one left with the slip turn coordinator

I have to keep playing with a brother this aircraft I've got to make sure in trip because otherwise he starts - checked out so if you look at the mountains which are ahead of us on the left you can see there's a very nice effect trees mountain slopes the second thing to look at is the auto generation in fsx I was having serious spring up screaming and as I fly here I haven't got it in x-plane 10 so you know that that adds to a sense of realism seen regeneration seems to be that little bit better now one of the things to be aware of is the actual out of the box scenery x-plane 10 innsbrook is well known that airfield it's because of it being the they said its difficulty with purchase more so as a result of is very well known to the seam around the receiving never too good . good however if you to go to some of the smaller fields even some of the medium regional air feels like a birdie something like that you might well find that literally this just a run a couple no buildings nothing else just enough to to sort of convince you that you are capable so that's one of the difficulty sometimes back to you decide to go to like that and there's nothing there that resembles the after - slap up yeah so yeah another my book bears if you recall was water and finally the water down here ok so much doc is obviously not as realistic as some scene simulate the scenery the more Adams additional textures yeah but fundamentally it is that bit better than the cartoon blue order arms getting out of sx as I say there might be nominated operator error and many other ways of doing it but I haven't found any so that's where last time I towards the runway and the airfield gotta fly just like the real thing and they defeated a little bit left rudder on to thank you need to pull back on the stick and feeding a bit of power is a steep term stop tickling state you can see that the ESPYs affected and I have to balance the aircraft with the so there's a bit more to the flight dynamics notice to fsx fsx you chuck it all stick around bit different when you get to aircraft chapters in turn or which have external floor model so for example majestic - a q400 because of the limitations of fsx they actually designed the software to do a lot of the computation of calculations the flight number outside of fsx because of the limitations about the sex things like modeling and turboprops fsx very beautiful and it's been known as such for long so what happens with a lot of sex stuff in our developers looking place is a wreck program itself and as a safe majestic - 8 q400 they've done is go back to the original outside about the sex which brings me on to how the programs then handle their era fsx with it certain with its aircraft basically uses a similar technique to reverse engineer they take an aircraft they look at the performance figures of that and then they feed that to fsx with a flight model - try to replicate those figures and sometimes it doesn't match so for example I just got the airsoft x extended a320 and even in the instructions it says that there may be circumstances where the engine figures on realistic and I think that's just modeling than anything in the limitations of the program but the kind of all the developers now have to pull up with because of the agent program so we're somewhere above the film and what we're looking down but we're going to reduce the power to make sure we try to maintain altitude and we're going to do a cleaning store which if you remember on FSX was a very mushy experience now in real life a clean install tend to be that speech going back we're expecting the stall at all Green of having to feed in a bit of rudder to keep it straight through always got no slipstream quite a quarter right now you can see how good the weather is you get into the base the clouds I throw it looks like it so here we go got no just drift into the right I need to stop that with the rather just hold it straight keep pulling back there's the store warming and let's see what happens we pretty much got fullback stick and blue is a wing drop now you don't get that in fsx that was quite a lot of rather fed him so well will do the same game without too much blood offended and see if we get the essential things so nose up into the stall make sure the yellow stick fully back speak fully back a bit of a rush it's time light when you drop nothing too dramatic so remove the course of the story just pulling back at some power to stay clear of this cloud I must say I am I really am a fan of this weather in it x-planes really does for me making victim now we're going to do now is we're there flat down so two stages and locked down bit of a balloon because of the year increase lift fun we're going to keep a little bit of power the flaps get a lot more drag and i would expect quite a violent wing drop you that's what you get real life and you get quite a violent wind drop looking at the nose keeping the nose straight the brothers it's probably gonna go i would imagine that would be brought to the left there it goes course the stall power back home so that makes too much altitude now let's take the flex all the way up and we're quite low for this but we're very low to this but we're going to try a step will spin around to the left it you know of one term spin as I say that humbling is is very very similar to the real light aircraft so expecting still running at the bottom of the green will always back full left rudder it's a one-term store full right rudder release the back pressure nah after this out of the stick and nicely on having as well I was a eventually a one-term spin so happy with that so in terms of flight dynamics I've got to say that x-plane 10 is very good

There's no other option for me to say other than it's very good and I've got no reason to expect any other aircraft not to have the same standards and the reason is unlike fsx it uses a is called a blade dynamic theory i think it's called and basically what it is is it calculates from the airfoils and the body shape what the expected behavior would be for that airfoil in terms of drag and lift response to the aircraft to it so the knock-on effect is that actually you could model any aircraft you wish and this is what I explained around for you can actually do your own models and it will predict where the aircraft performance should be and that is markedly different x-planeed from fsx so that's why you get the difference between between the two and handling characteristics and I have to save a personal experience x-plane 10 is by far more it's the capital T for light aircraft I haven't flown many heavy so I cannot say whether the heavy aircraft behavior is better or worse but there we go now x-plane isn't all great because one of the other things to be aware of his Cessna 172 is one of better out of the box a crime if you to look at a few of the other outlets a craft they're very old they're from x-plane 9 one of them don't have 3d copyrights and they they look very dated so i think one of the things to expect with x-plane 10 is that you are going to bully I Adams to bring a level of realism for the simulator itself so really that's the comparison between the two and it can be summed up into two things really the dynamics of the aircraft and the weather seems to be much better in x-plane the visual bling and the availability of atoms for fsx again seems to be much better for that program it's also a little bit cheaper but it is old technology x-plane 10 is still developing technology i think the latest beat is just come out this is x-plane 10.25 i think it is the latest be too tempting three is just out and the knock-on effect is that x-planes 10 is a 64-bit still developing program like a living entity fsx is sufficiently outdated that term as a result of that aircraft developers and add on developers are having to work very hard to try and develop the constraints of fsx and their products within it so really is there a winner in my opinion not really i still use fsx i'm just going to use x-plane 10 i really enjoy it I haven't got much in the way of animals for x-plane 10 there is a large community who are developing around on some look very good but there's not much in the equivalent of PNG pmdg style add-ons yet i'm sure that's going to increase eventually but for me there's no clear winner I like the handling and the dynamics and the weather of x-plane I like the visual bling that you sometimes get with fsx but fsx what I really like is the variety of add-ons you can get some of which are very very good now and you know if you if you can fly things like the pmdg 737 and operate that you've got a pretty good chance in my opinion understanding how the real thing works and lost you might not understand the cockpit dynamics in terms of the crew cooperation you certainly have an understanding of the basics of how to put the thing around the skype and that for me guys is the comparison between the two as to say no clear winner

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